Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 Home Goals

The Nester's asking about 2012 Home Goals today. To be honest, it's not a topic to which I've given much thought. I KNOW that we are moving in 7 weeks. I just have no idea where. As in, my husband doesn't have a job in seven weeks, and we are required to move from our current house because it is tied to his employment. He's searching for another job, and we have a back-up plan if one doesn't come through right away, but we're anticipating being in some temporary places this year.

That picture at the top. That's my living room 5 minutes ago. Perfect? No. Lived in by my family? Yes.

With that in mind, here are my home goals for this year.

1) Remember that the primary purpose in any living situation is for our family to learn, love, and grow together. Decorate and organize in a way that supports that purpose. For me, that means less clutter and things that are easy to put away.

2) Help my children learn so that they can take on more of the housework. Not only will this hopefully help them not to leave towels in the middle of the living room floor (!), it will also serve them well when they move onto homes of their own one day.

3) Open up our home to more people in friendship this year. We did far too little of that last year. It was sorely missed.

In short, my goal is to have a home--wherever that may be--that serves my family.

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