Thursday, January 12, 2012

Don't just Pin it--Do it!

I admit it. I love good ideas. When I was younger it was magazines, now it's the internet. I love looking for fun things, but I don't always do them. That's a shame because what's the point of spending your time looking for fun things to do with your kids if you don't actually do them?!?

The other day, I pinned (I can't get the embed to work correctly at the moment. In the spirit of imperfectionism, I'm leaving it this way so that I can get this post DONE!)

It's a great idea. Yesterday, I was working on reading with my 5yo. He knows all of his letter sounds, but he's just having a frustrating time making that leap to reading. Instead of continuing on the lesson we were working on, I remembered that pin. I grabbed the back of a game that I'd previously made and a Sharpie. Within 5 minutes, we were working on sight words together. Better yet, he likes it so much that he and his brother played it during free time both yesterday and this morning.

Don't you love it when you just DO something?!? Done really is better than perfect.

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